Battle Born Horse Archers is the first mounted archery group in the state of Nevada.  We are excited to bring this sport to our area to share with everyone a super fun activity you can do with your horse.  Whether you want to do this just for fun or you want the challenge of competition this may be the equine sport for you!      


We hold regular practice sessions, including beginner mounted archery instruction for new members.  We are available for demonstrations in the Reno-Sparks-Carson area.  BBHA is proud to be an affiliated and insured chapter of the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3) and are actively looking for members.  Scroll down for dates for practices, gradings, and postal matches.                                                 

Empower yourself! Become a warrior!


Range address: Whiptail Ranch - 1210 Antelope Valley Rd, Reno (South Red Rock)

Directions: Take Red Rock Road to Antelope Valley Road, turn right. The first house on the left is where you need to go. Pull into the second driveway and drive along the arena.  

2021 Dates: April 11th, April 24th, May 16th and May 29th.  


Watch the Facebook page for coming practice dates and postal matches!

We meet at 11am and usually go until about 3pm.

Grading can be done on any practice day.





When you sign up as a new member you will receive orientation and instruction geared towards the beginning mounted archer.  In orientation we will go over rules, courses, and what you can expect as a new member.  We provide the equipment needed.  You are also welcome to bring your own equipment, but please no compound bows or any arrows with broadheads.  Here is just a little bit of what you will learn during the instruction phase:  archery safety, ground archery, desensitizing your horse and shooting from your horse. 


Archery Safety - We will go over basic archery safety including shooting with others, how to check your arrows before shooting, range rules, and more. 


Ground Archery - You will learn different nocking styles of how to get the arrow on the string, different draw techniques of how you pull back the arrow, and shooting drills when standing or walking then sitting on a barrel which simulates shooting from the horse. 


Desensitizing Your Horse - We will work with you and your horse in a safe environment to get them used to the different sights and sounds associated with mounted archery.  Horses will be exposed to bows, arrows, quivers, and targets until they calmly accept them.  The next step is to get them used to shooting while you are standing next to them.  We will then move on to the archery track and work with them without the distraction of equipment so they can focus on their rider and what will be expected of them.  You will progress through the gaits at your and your horse's comfort level.  When both of you are ready we will move on to shooting from your horse.


Shooting From Your Horse - You will begin shooting from your horse while standing beside the target.  There will be a ground person at the horse's head for safety.  Next is walking and shooting from your horse with a handler walking next to you.  When ready you will move on to the trot and canter while shooting.  Hitting the target from your horse that first time will be a memorable experience!  


Your safety is important to us.  We will not push you or your horse to do anything you are not comfortable doing.  There are some horses that take a little longer in their training for mounted archery.  We are willing to work with you and your horse so training progresses smoothly!







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For insurance purposes you must be a Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3) member to shoot at our range.  The memberships are annually, start on the day you sign up, and are valid for a full year.  If you are not an active member you will only be allowed to spectate.  

MA3 Individual Membership - $55

MA3 Family Membership - $75

BBHA Membership - FREE  

No haul in or equipment fees at this time.  

We do accept donations that will be used for range maintenance supplies, fuel for ATVs and tractors, and equipment such as bows, arrows and targets. We thank you for your 








 To encourage and facilitate the expansion of horseback archery as an equestrian sport by providing a safe atmosphere for others to learn the history and skill of horseback archery and practice such with consistent training whether the goal is for fun or competition.