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When you sign up as a new member you will receive orientation and instruction geared towards the beginning mounted archer. Sessions will last 1-2 hours. In orientation we will go over rules, courses, and what you can expect as a new member. We provide the equipment needed. You are also welcome to bring your own equipment, but please no compound bows or any arrows with broadheads. Here is just a little bit of what you will learn during the instruction phase: 

  • Archery Safety

  • Ground Archery

  • Desensitizing Your Horse

  • Shooting From Your Horse

Your safety is important to us. We will not push you or your horse to do anything you are not comfortable doing. There are some horses that take a little longer in their training for mounted archery. We are willing to work with you and your horse so training progresses smoothly!


We will go over basic archery safety including shooting with others, how to check your equipment for any damage, range rules, how to pull arrows safely out of the target, and more. 

You will learn different nocking styles of how to get the arrow on the string, different draw techniques of how you pull back the arrow, and shooting drills when standing and walking or sitting on a barrel which simulates shooting from the horse. You will learn solid archery skills before you even get on the horse.

Michelle Ground Archery.jpg


We will work with you and your horse in a safe environment to get them used to the different sights and sounds associated with mounted archery. Horses will be exposed to bows, arrows, quivers, and targets until they calmly accept them. The next step is to get them used to shooting while you are standing next to them. We will then move on to the archery track and work with them without the distraction of equipment so they can focus on their rider and what will be expected of them. You will progress through the gaits at your and your horse's comfort level. When both of you are ready we will move on to shooting from your horse.


You will begin shooting from your horse while standing beside the target. There will be a ground person at the horse's head for safety. Next is walking and shooting from your horse with a handler walking next to you. When ready you will move on to the walk, trot and canter while shooting without an assistant. Hitting the target from your horse that first time will be a memorable experience!  

IMG_8266 2.jpg


Introductory clinics are similar to New Member Orientation as they cover the same topics and are focused on the beginner mounted archer. These are usually one day of focused instruction with just the participants of the clinic. The days include 6 hours of instruction between ground and mounted activities. These clinics are limited to 6 people and can have unlimited auditors.

NEXT CLINIC: May 27th, 2023

Clinics are geared towards the beginning mounted archer and their horse. Participants will learn about range safety, mounted archery equipment, nocking and drawing styles, archery form, ground archery drills to get you ready to shoot a bow from your horse, desensitizing your horse to archery equipment, riding positions used in mounted archery and eventually shooting from your horse. You will progress at a speed that you and your horse are comfortable with. Most new archers will shoot from the horse at a walk by the end of the day. No archery experience is necessary. Riding experience is required. Clinics are limited to 6 participants and unlimited auditors. Archery equipment is provided during the clinic and included in the fee. Proceeds will go towards equipment for the club. Clinics are sanctioned by the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3). Helmets are required for participants under the age of 18. MA3 MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES. MEMBERSHIP MUST BE PAID FOR SEPARATELY AND TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO A CLINIC. WE WILL SEND PARTICIPANTS A LINK TO GET SIGNED UP. 


Clinic fees:  The cost for a one-day clinic is $120 per person plus MA3 Membership. A $50 non-refundable deposit and registration is required to hold your spot. Any balance due needs to be paid by May 20th, 2023. Membership in the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas for Single Membership is $55 and Family Membership is $75. You will need to pay MA3 separately for your membership. A link for membership will be sent to participants. Please register for the clinic via the button below.


Camping/boarding:  Dry camping is available in your own RV, horse trailer or tent at no charge. No showers will be available. There are several options available for boarding your horse. You will choose one during the registration process.


Participants must have horseback riding experience as we do not teach how to ride a horse. We only teach the fundamentals of how to shoot a bow from your horse. Your horse must know the basics and be under control at all times.


This will be a no pressure, fun filled clinic experience. You and your horse will progress at your own pace. Included in the clinic fee is the use of a bow, arrows, protective equipment, and arrow quiver. We will be using both the arena and archery range during the clinic. We follow several rules for the safety of all participants and their horses. If there are Covid restrictions for our state/county at the time of the clinic we will be following them. 

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