The International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) is an organization devoted to encouraging the standardization of rules and scoring systems for horseback archers around the world.  The Mounted Archery Association of the Americas works very closely with the IHAA as the governing body and representative for the United States.  Grading is the process of shooting and scoring on specific courses that are usually offered during competitions.  It will help you gauge the progress of your horseback archery training.  It can also give you an idea on if you may be ready to shoot in a competition.  It is not required and is only a tool to help you in your horseback archery journey.  When you are ready you can turn in your score sheets to be awarded a grade and can choose to purchase a pin with your grade on it.  This is similar to the belts in karate.  Grading is a free service for current MA3 members.  IHAA currently offers several grade levels.  Walk/Trot has five levels (WT1-WT5), Student has six levels (S1-S6), and Horse Archer has 8 levels (HA1-HA8).  Student and Horse Archer levels require shooting at the canter.  Each level requires a specific number of score sheets to qualify.  

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