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whiptail ranch

Whiptail Ranch is the home of Battle Born Horse Archers. This beautiful 40-acre facility is located north of Reno in the desert just below Fred's Mountain Range. We have a regulation 90-meter mounted archery straight track with safety features built in to keep the horses and archers safe. There are several ground archery areas to either warm up, do practice drills or to get some desensitizing done with your horse. There is access to a large outdoor arena, a round pen, wash rack with hot and cold water, and trails around the property. We are working on getting a Hunt Track set up that traverses around the property with targets to shoot along the way. When practice is done for the day we usually gather around the koi pond to relax under the patio. If you would like to stay overnight before or after a practice day dry camping is available at no charge. There are also several options for your horse as well.

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