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Whiptail Ranch

Whiptail Ranch is where we call home. It is located just north of Reno at the base of Fred's Mountain in the beautiful Nevada desert. We have a regulation mounted archery straight track, ground archery areas and a hunt track is being developed. There is access to a large outdoor arena, a round pen, wash rack and trails. For relaxing after practice there is a patio area with a koi pond and shade. 

Mission Statement

To encourage and facilitate the expansion of horseback archery as an equestrian sport by providing a safe atmosphere for others to learn the history and skill of horseback archery and practice such with consistent training whether the goal is for fun or competition.

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MA3 Membership

For insurance purposes you must be a Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3) member to shoot at our range. The memberships are annual, start on the day you sign up, and are valid for a full year. If you are not an active member you will only be allowed to spectate.  

  • MA3 Individual Membership - $55

  • MA3 Family Membership - $75

BBHA Membership - $25 (new for 2024 and due at the beginning of the season) - email for link to pay.

Beginning in 2024 we will be charging a range fee of $5 per practice you attend to cover range maintenance supplies, and time/fuel for ATVs and tractors. 



Battle Born Horse Archers (BBHA) is the first mounted archery group in the state of Nevada. We started this group in 2016 to bring people together to try something new and exciting with their horse. This sport can help you develop a deeper partnership with your horse. You will become part of a unique and wonderful tribe. The camaraderie surrounding mounted archers is nothing short of amazing. Whether you want to do this just for fun or you want the challenge of competition this may be the equine sport for you!   


We hold regular practice sessions, including beginner mounted archery instruction for new members, mini club challenges, and more. We are available for demonstrations in the Reno-Sparks-Carson area. BBHA is proud to be an affiliated and insured chapter of the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3). We are a positive, fun and supportive group and love to introduce mounted archery to new people. 

It is the most exhilarating experience to hit a target from the back of a galloping horse! 

Empower yourself, become a warrior!

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