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Practice is where we hone our skills. We hold practices twice per month at the range at Whiptail Ranch. If members are getting ready for a competition we will sometimes fit in extra practice sessions. Practice dates and times are posted both on this page and on our Facebook page. There are several courses that can be set up with the variety of targets we have. We generally practice what courses are set for the current postal match or maybe even courses that will be in an upcoming competition. During any practice you are able to shoot for grading purposes or to shoot for the current postal match. Practices usually last around 4-5 hours depending on the weather. Scroll down for dates.



Postal Matches are a way for members to compete with other mounted archers around the world. Specific courses are set up for a two month period to practice on before actually scoring targets. When everyone is ready we will score our arrows for submission online. This simulates a competition atmosphere without the need to travel. During postal matches members will be expected to volunteer to fill a position needed to run a postal match. These can be anything from a timer, target scorer, scribe, and arrow runner. Postal Matches can be scored during any practice, but we usually set a day ahead of time so everyone knows we will be scoring that day. 

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Grading is a way to see what level you are currently shooting at. Over time it will show your improvement as a mounted archer as the difficulty increases as the levels go up. You will start at the 5 Walk/Trot Levels. Then, on to the beginning of canter levels. Student Levels have 6 steps and only need one type of course to score on. Finally, Horse Archer levels go up to 10 steps and you will need to show proficiency in two types of courses. When you achieve a level you can purchase a pin showing that level. Before long you will have several pins to show off!


2024 Dates: coming soon... waiting for winter to release its grip
Start time:  10:00AM

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Range address:  

11520 Camp Rico Lane, Sparks, Nevada


Take Pyramid Highway to Campo Rico Lane, turn right. There will be a sign indicating Campo Rico Lane is coming up, but there is no stop light nor a turn lane so plan accordingly. Once on the short section take another right onto Campo Rico Lane. Follow it along the highway and it will make a bend around to the left. The gated driveway will be the first one on the left. Swing wide with a trailer. 


Antelope Archery Range.jpg


Range address:  

1210 Antelope Valley Road, Reno, Nevada


Take Red Rock Road to Antelope Valley Road, turn right. The first house on the left is where you need to go. Pull into the second driveway and drive along the arena. 


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